Toyota prius plug in hybrid forum

It's only in the last couple of years that I've been won over to hybrid vehicles and am still learning. I do however have a question to all you knowledgeable people out there. What are the advantages, if any, of having a 'plug in' hybrid rather than the type that charge themselves?

As I see it, if you own a plug in hybrid you have the cost of installation of a charging point and then once the batteries are flat you have the cost of dragging around dead weight.

With a self charger at least the batteries are constantly being used rather than dragging around dead weight. I'd welcome any input on this subject from you guys please. In my opinion an all electric vehicle is out of the question at present because of the all round cost and lack of range, however this may change if they get better. So the only other options are plug in, or self charging. Those plug in cars are exclusively suitable for people that have short commuting journeys that they can do on pure electric, so savings will be noticeable and pollution reduced.

But a plugin will keep recharging for 5 miles of downhill. Another way to look at it is you can recover a greater quantity of energy. Then there's the fact electricity is cheaper than petrol. So you can charge a plugin and travel around 30 miles on it without using a drop. For most people in most circumstances that's more than enough trip to work, shops, home. So some people could own a plugin hybrid and fuel it only once or twice a year. So, yes, it's more weight, but it's more than offset by the fact you can "fuel" it more cheaply with electricity, and can recover more of otherwise lost energy during regen.

Since I semi retired at the beginning of and fully in even the first plug-in Prius would have suited me down to the ground, just plugging into an ordinary 3-pin socket overnight on off-peak electricity would fill it, so no need for a fast charger.

The only reason I didn't get one was the lack of spare wheel, something I'm still not ready to compromise on. Early PHEVs needed to run the engine to heat the cabin when cold, but newer ones have a heat pump system that runs off the Battery fairly efficiently.

Some people have managed to get new or second hand Prius PHEVs as a very good price, so there hasn't been a big issue of value for money, but many a full priced PHEV will never repay the extra cost in fuel savings.

Thank you for all the input.The new, Prius Prime hybrid, with 25 miles of battery range plus more miles on gasoline, should be cheaper to buy than the Prius, which runs just a mile or two on battery power.

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The pricing discrepancy is simple: The Prius hybrid has sold more than 1. The mainstream Prius hybrid long ago used up its allocation of federal tax credits.

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The Prius Prime, the silver car, is 4 inches longer than the Prius, but with slightly less trunk space because of the battery pack. The two cars look somewhat alike from the side. Both carry four passengers comfortably. The Prime is 4 inches longer inches longbut loses a little cargo space because of the larger battery. The rear window glass on the Prime is actually concave in the middle to improve airflow. Inside, the Prius has room for and seat belts for five; the Prime has a permanent center console and room for four.

The Prime has a huge except compared with Tesla The difference is a tenth of a gallon every miles. Both the Prius and Prius Prime come standard with TSS-P, the wide-ranging Toyota Safety Sense system that includes full-range adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, pre-collision system, and forward collision warning.

All standard. One quirk with both Prius and Prius Prime is that blind spot detection and rear cross-traffic alert are only offered on the top trim lines, Prius Four and Prius Prime Premium.

toyota prius plug in hybrid forum

Both have the unusual quirky instrument panel atop the center of the dash. With the Prius Prime, anyone who commutes 25 miles or less round trip daily will have zero gasoline costs during the work week electric costs are one-third to one-half the cost of gasoline.

Toyota says it may make some internal adjustments on pricing and dealer credits to bring the prices more in line. Prius will sell at least four times as many. What about the Prius Prime versus the Chevrolet Volt? Chevy has an I wanted to write a review of the Toyota Prius Prim e and talk about the good and the bad. This review is written mostly for enthusiasts of plug-in cars, and perhaps not so much for the general public who seem to remain mystified by plug-in vehicles.

toyota prius plug in hybrid forum

So, why do I own one of these? I ended up choosing the Prime because after doing research on Turo, I had decided the Prime would probably rent out more often than the Bolt EV, especially in the area I live in. Part of my reasoning was that it would also attract customers who were just looking to rent a Prius, thus helping to keep the car rented out and essentially pay the bill on it. So, the reason I picked the car was purely business and not personal bias.

Worth area. When I decided to go with the Prime, I started shopping around for one. Worth area had any in stock.

Literally, none. So, I drove to the nearest toyota dealer to me, Vandergriff Toyota, and asked them when they were planning to have the Prime in stock. One thing I noticed is that they actually did not even have any regular Prius hybrids on the lot. After he went and chatted with the manager he came back and changed his stance.

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He said they do not carry the Prime and cannot even order it. Then he tried to sell me a Rav4. Obviously, I left. I drove to another dealer over in Dallas.

They had a Prime on the lot for giving demo drives, which I took them up on. I said, no thanks.

Toyota Prius Prime Crushes Honda Clarity PHEV Sales In U.S. May 2019

I found the same thing time after time when going to different Toyota dealers. Eventually, I started talking with some Toyota dealers in New York about possibly having one shipped to me.

At first this seemed like an attractive deal. After two months of trying to buy a Prime, I had just about given up. But then one of the local dealers in Ft. Worth mysteriously ended up with one on the lot. Of course, they wanted MSRP and not a dollar less. It was a premium model with the color I liked, so I bought it. That was six months ago. Are things any better today? I just did a check on cars. So, if you really want one, you can buy one. When the Prius Prime was first announced, I had made a prediction that Toyota would be selling 5, of these per month, maybe more, maybe as many as 10, I had many good reasons for saying this would happen.

I said that Toyota dealers were used to selling hybrids and they would be eager to sell more, rather than doing like Chevy dealers. But, it turns out at least in this part of the country, Toyota dealers are treating the Prime exactly how Chevy dealers treat the Volt and Bolt.It was pretty exciting to see the engine options released for the upcoming 14th-generation Ford F When I reported on these, I received a lot of comments and feedback which I love.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the genuine excitement surrounding the Ford F Hybrid.

toyota prius plug in hybrid forum

Honestly, in the truck world hybrids are a non-entity. Most truck buyers look down on those who drive a Toyota Prius. They definitely run in different circles. So I was concerned that some F fans might look at this mild hybrid offering from Ford and assume it was fuel-sipping little slow poke, runabout truck. I believe Ford will market the hybrid F as a performance vehicle over a fuel-economy vehicle.

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Actually, I think Ford realizes they could have a win-win situation with the hybrid F as it will accomplish both, offering improved performance horsepower and more importantly torque and improved fuel economy. What kind of range will the Ford F Hybrid have? Car and Driver reported this week that the pure electric range of the hybrid F will be just over 10 miles.

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Some in the EV world found that number laughable. Most of these folks are the Teslarati types worshiping Elon Musk and Teslas. But those people would be mistaken if they think the real point of the F hybrid is about electric range. Far from it. Any extra fuel economy possible hybrid truck buyers might get from their F is a bonus.

Having to plug it in overnight to get a small range might not be appealing or worth the time, effort, costs.

2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid Won’t Be Prius-Like

But, if it means they get more torque and towing ability, then those same likely buyers might be more than happy to plug it in. John covers EVs and hybrids for us at Torque News. It may also enable emission-free tool charging. What engine and performance numbers will the hybrid F have?

Some readers speculated if the 3. I say no way to that. Ford has no such a V6 engine in their fleet, and no way they go through the expenses of creating such an engine for just this hybrid. It will most assuredly be the 3. Seeing as how the current 3.Bring further flexibility to hybrids, plug-ins have been gaining popularity off late.

The types of powertrains that come under the broad umbrella of hybrids include mild-hybrids, strong-hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Globally, Toyota introduced a plug-in hybrid powertrain to the Prius line-up in This version goes one-up on the standard Prius with its larger battery pack and the option to charge it via an external power source.

What that means is you can cover larger distances without any tailpipe emissions. The 8. Meanwhile, DC fast charging will top up the battery to 80 percent in about 20min. In Normal mode, the Prius will run on electric power at low speeds with the engine coming in at only about 70kph, while in Eco mode it will cycle between electric and petrol power in the most efficient way possible.

Meanwhile, in the Power mode, the combustion engine is on most of the time. The catch here is its pricing. Due to their more advanced tech and larger battery packs, PHEVs can be pricey.

A plug-in hybrid essentially consists of a powertrain similar to that of a strong hybrid.

Prius Models (6)

An electric motor provides motive force at low city speeds, with the combustion engine kicking in at higher loads. The battery pack is juiced up on the go via the engine and regen braking. But as the name makes it amply clear, a plug-in hybrid also extends the option of charging the battery pack by plugging it in, akin to a pure electric vehicle.

Pushing battery sizes to nearly 10kWh, PHEVs possess the highest energy storage capacities of any form of hybrid.

Toyota Prius Plug-In Forums

As such, they offer a pure electric driving range of km which effectively allows them to operate as efficiently as BEVs within city confines. Soham Thakur Author. Make : Toyota Model : Prius. Toyota Prius Rs Tech Specs.

Sign up for our newsletter Get all the latest updates from the automobile universe.The Toyota Prius Prime is the plug-in-hybrid member of the Prius family, and the one with the more attractive, more traditional-looking hatchback body style. Aside from aesthetics, the Prime distinguishes itself with 25 miles of electric-only driving range and an EPA-estimated combined rating of 54 mpg. That's very competitive fuel economy, and it comes at an even more competitive price.

As the industry introduces more electric vehicles based on a crossover body style, the hatchback Prius Prime will continue to distinguish itself aesthetically. Unfortunately, it's also distinguished by apathetic acceleration and unenthusiastic driving responses. Still, for those who want not just a hybrid but a Toyota, this one is the pinnacle of the Prius brand. With no mechanical changes, quality-of-life items are what's new for Android Auto users are still out of luck, though.

The back seat sees a couple of changes, with two additional USB ports and an optional fifth seat. XLE and Limited trims continue to feature a dashboard-dominating Every Prius Prime model has the same plug-in-hybrid system, with up to 25 miles of driving range on electricity alone. Therefore, your biggest decision will be what standard features you want on your Prime.

toyota prius plug in hybrid forum

Even the entry-level LE has Toyota's Safety Sense-P suite of active-safety features, including lane-departure warning with steering assist, automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and adaptive cruise control, plus a 7.

The midrange XLE gets wireless charging and a huge The top-end Limited adds a color head-up display, park assist, blind-spot monitoring, and rain-sensing wipers; it's a lot more car for not a lot more money.

The Prius Prime has a four-cylinder engine that works with an electric motor, a battery pack, and a continuously variable automatic transmission CVT to maximize the Prime's efficiency. In that regard, it succeeds, but the miserly powertrain is otherwise uninspiring. The Prime switches effortlessly and smoothly between gas and electric propulsion, while three driving modes Power, Normal, and Eco attempt to affect the perception of acceleration.

None will produce anything approaching quickness. Its battery can recharge at either a standard volt household outlet, which takes about 5. The Prime is generally comfortable and suitable for jaunts around town. However, its ride turns jittery and harsh when it encounters badly blemished pavement. Clicking the shifter into the B position increases regenerative braking and causes the Prime to slow down noticeably as soon as the driver lifts off the accelerator.

2013 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid

In Normal mode, drivers won't notice the Prime's regen, and while the transition from regenerative to friction braking is smooth, it's difficult to brake gently or early enough to stay in the Eco zone of the Prius's driving meter. All three Prius Prime models have the same EPA ratings, which are 55 mpg city and 53 highway for the gasoline engine. Combined with electricity from the hybrid system, the government estimates it will earn MPGe.

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This makes the Prime a good choice for fuel-conscious buyers—but its limited electric-only driving range is a demerit. An EPA-rated 25 miles of pure-electric range may be enough for some daily commutes, but it's less than half of the range offered by the Volt. Likewise, the Primes we tested on our mile fuel-economy route missed their EPA highway rating. However, since we test at a considerably higher speed 75 mph than the EPA, we'd be impressed by any plug-in that was able to equal its EPA number.The Toyota Prius has established itself as an efficiency champ.

Clocking 20km to 25km on a litre of petrol is almost a given - in real-world driving conditions, with the air-conditioning switched on. It is an achievement born of a long journey. The model has been around for 23 years and is into its fourth generation.

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